Stress tests, the financial sector and bond yields

We think the positive results from the Federal Reserve’s stress tests remove an obstacle to higher bond yields, while reinforcing the positive outlook for the financial sector.
Thomas Mathews Markets Economist
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China’s property sector, monetary policy, and exchange rate

With China’s property sector – and economy more broadly – struggling, we think more PBOC rate cuts are on the way this year, which we expect to result in further falls in the country’s government bond yields and a weakening of its exchange rate.

18 January 2022

Capital Daily

More thoughts on developments under the hood of the NASDAQ

Although the prices of a growing number of shares in the NASDAQ 100 have been floundering recently, we are still not convinced that this heralds an imminent collapse in the index.

17 January 2022

Capital Daily

We doubt that EM equities will continue to outperform

While emerging market (EM) equities have performed better than developed market (DM) equities so far this year, we don’t think that this pattern is likely to continue.

14 January 2022

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Global Markets Update

Oil prices, inflation compensation and Treasury yields

Although oil prices and inflation compensation have historically moved in lockstep, we don’t think our projection that oil prices will fall over the next couple of years is inconsistent with our forecast for long-term Treasury yields to rise quite a bit.

2 July 2021

EM Markets Chart Book

We expect generally higher long-term EM bond yields

We think investors may be overestimating how much monetary policy tightening is on the way in emerging markets (EMs), but still expect long-dated EM government bond yields to rise a bit from here.

29 June 2021

Global Markets Update

We expect the 10-year Treasury yield to rise again

Although the 10-year Treasury yield has eased back following last week’s FOMC meeting, we still expect it to increase again before too long.

24 June 2021
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