Despite RBA tapering, we expect a weaker Australian dollar

Despite today’s decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to taper its asset purchases, we think the Australian dollar will weaken against the US dollar over the remainder of the year.  
Thomas Mathews Markets Economist
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What to make of the stock market sell-off

Although we think that there may be some further rotation away from “growth” stocks over the next few years, as Treasury yields rise, we doubt the S&P 500 will have an awful year.

21 January 2022

Capital Daily

We think the Turkish lira’s stability will prove short-lived

For the first time in several months, the lira remained subdued following an interest rate announcement from Turkey’s central bank, perhaps as the decision to keep rates on hold was widely anticipated. We expect further reductions of the one-week repo rate later this year, which leads us to think that the lira will weaken against the US dollar in 2022.

20 January 2022

Capital Daily

We think the sell-off in E-Z government bonds has further to run

While the yield of 10-year Bunds has risen a long way recently, and is now above zero for the first time since before the onset of the pandemic, we think it will increase further still. We also expect long-dated government bond yields to rise further in the euro-zone periphery, and by more than in Germany.

19 January 2022

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Global Markets Update

Four points on tapering and government bond yields

We don’t think tapering by the Fed will cause long-term Treasury yields to rise sharply, although it may contribute some upward pressure. But we do think those yields will rise quite a bit anyway, mainly because of the outlook for inflation in the US.

3 September 2021

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China’s growth slowdown may hold back EM equities

We think slower growth in China will continue to weigh on the country’s stock market, as well as those of some other emerging markets (EMs).

27 August 2021

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Fed’s inflation tolerance may lead to higher bond yields

A year after the Fed announced its new policy framework, we think that bond markets still don’t fully reflect the likelihood of a prolonged period of above-target inflation.

25 August 2021
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