Bond market pessimism looks overdone

The US yield curve continues to send a gloomy message, which we think is hard to square with the economic outlook.
Jonas Goltermann Senior Markets Economist
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How the new coronavirus variant is shaking up markets

It’s impossible to say with certainty how much of a threat the new coronavirus variant emerging in southern Africa poses, but a few aspects of the market reaction so far may shed some light on what to expect over the next few weeks if the news is bad.

26 November 2021

Capital Daily

We think E-Z peripheral spreads will widen further, eventually

While the accounts of the ECB’s October meeting and recent comments by some ECB officials suggest to us that there might not be much scope for euro-zone “peripheral” spreads to increase further in the near term, we still expect them to widen slightly in the next year or two as the ECB gradually normalises monetary policy.

25 November 2021

Capital Daily

Steeper NZ yield curve may be sign of things to come elsewhere

We think developed market yield curves will generally steepen in the near term, as central banks don’t deliver as many rate hikes as appear to be discounted in markets.

24 November 2021

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FX Markets Chart Book

We expect more upside for the US dollar

We continue to think that the US dollar will rise further in the second half of the year as the divergence between the US and other major economies in terms of growth and, especially, inflation persists.

27 July 2021

FX Markets Update

Forecast revisions & taking stock of our key calls

We have revised down our forecasts for many of the G10 “high-beta” currencies and several currencies in EM Asia and LatAm. This update sets out the rationale behind those revisions and updates our key calls.

23 July 2021

Capital Daily

What to make of the (slightly) mixed messages in markets

In recent weeks, it has often looked as though equity markets aren’t quite on the same page as bond and currency markets. Indeed, despite its fall today, the S&P 500 remains within touching distance of the all-time high it reached only last week. And while the index is down by around 1.5% today (as of 16:30 GMT), that pales in comparison to the plunge in government bond yields: the US 10-year Treasury yield is down ~10bp, one of the largest single day falls in recent years. Indeed, since early June, it has fallen by ~40bp and is now at its lowest level since early February. Meanwhile, in currency markets the US dollar has strengthened across the board, and safe havens have generally outperformed riskier currencies.

19 July 2021
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