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Existing Home Sales (Dec.)

Despite a 6% m/m fall in existing home sales in December, 2021 marked an impressive year for existing home sales, with sales 11% higher compared to 2020. But looking ahead, a backdrop of rising mortgage rates and a record-low inventory means that sales will drop back and average around 5.88m annualised this year, less than most other forecasters expect.
Sam Hall Assistant Property Economist
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US Housing Market Data Response

New Home Sales (Apr.)

New home sales dropped sharply to a two-year low in April. But while rising mortgage rates are weighing on sales, the drop looks large given the fall in mortgage applications seen so far and may be revised up over the next couple of months. After all, plenty of pent-up demand from the past couple of years will provide some support to sales, and we expect new sales will end the year at around 700,000 annualised.

24 May 2022

US Housing Market Update

Mortgage debt service ratio to remain low

The surge in mortgage rates has led to a sharp deterioration in home affordability. But that doesn’t mean the mortgage debt service ratio, the share of disposable income spent on mortgage payments, will also surge from its current low level. Existing borrowers are protected by long-term fixed mortgage rates, and tight credit conditions argue against a large rise in debt-to-income ratios for new buyers. While home sales will take a hit from higher interest rates, the housing market will remain resilient to future shocks.

19 May 2022

US Housing Market Data Response

Existing Home Sales (Apr.)

Existing home sales fell once again in April, although for now they remain above their pre-COVID-19 level. But, with mortgage rates set to stay high and credit conditions unlikely to loosen significantly, sales will fall further this year. Indeed, buyer traffic dropped sharply in April. We expect sales will fall back to around 5m annualised by end-2022.

19 May 2022

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US Commercial Property Update

Surging incentives reveal weakness in the office market

Office incentives packages rose to unprecedented levels in 2021, which supports our view that market conditions are weaker than asking rents suggest. Given our expectation that vacancy will remain elevated in the coming years, incentives are likely to diminish only gradually.

19 January 2022

US Commercial Property Data Response

Commercial Property Lending (Dec.)

Commercial real estate debt ended 2021 with its largest monthly increase since the onset of the pandemic. Against a backdrop of strong investment activity, we expect commercial property lending to have a strong start to 2022.

17 January 2022

US Commercial Property Update

Lessons from 2021

2021 proved a challenging year to forecast commercial property markets. Indeed, we underestimated the speed and size of the bounce back in performance, albeit by less than the consensus. But there are lessons to be learned from last year’s experience, so before we look forward to 2022 it is helpful to reflect on where we were right and wrong in 2021 and why.

5 January 2022
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