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US Metro Employment (Aug.)

Delta variant fears resulted in leisure and hospitality employment falling in 12 of the 30 metros. Of these, Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte and Dallas were the worst hit. Leisure and hospitality employment remains below its pre-virus level in all metros, while office-based jobs have recovered their shortfall in 14.
Sam Hall Assistant Property Economist
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US Commercial Property Valuation Monitor

Industrial overvalued, but supported by rental outlook

Rising equity earnings yields and government bond yields squeezed property valuations in Q3. While pricing still looks reasonable at the all-property level, the industrial sector is starting to look overvalued on a historical basis, with yield falls showing no sign of slowing. At this stage, we think that industrial valuations are justified by the sector’s solid prospects for rental growth. But we expect 10-Year Treasury yields will rise to 1.6% by end-2021 and 2.25% by end-2022, which will squeeze property valuations further.

24 November 2021

US Commercial Property Update

Are migration trends also driving industrial?

Data show a vast divergence in performance across the industrial sector over the last year. While some of the strength is consistent with that in the apartment and office sectors, driven by migration to the South, others have been supported by sector-specific factors.

23 November 2021

US Commercial Property Update

Structural changes weigh on offices more than retail

Google mobility data show a much fuller recovery in visitors returning to retail and recreation than to the workplace. This supports our view that structural changes will weigh on the office sector more than retail over the next few years, helping to make offices the worst performing sector in this period.

19 November 2021

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UK Commercial Property Data Response

Lending to commercial property (Aug.)

Net lending to property decreased for the third consecutive month in August, driven by falls in both lending for standing investment and development. Looking ahead, we think that tight credit conditions and the slow recovery in investment will weigh on lending to commercial property this year.

29 September 2021

US Commercial Property Update

Three reasons why Chicago will emerge a winner

Chicago’s office market will not escape the gloomy outlook caused by the shift to remote working. But we expect the low level of rents, the small share of jobs in the information sector, and a dwindling supply pipeline to limit rental declines over the next few years more so than in the other major metros.

17 September 2021

US Commercial Property Data Response

US Metro Employment (Jul.)

Job growth showed no sign of slowing in July, with gains in the leisure & hospitality sector continuing to drive the recovery. This benefitted Boston, Washington D.C. and New York City significantly, but still left employment in the six major metros 5%-10% below their pre-COVID levels.

1 September 2021
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