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US Weekly Petroleum Status Report

Commercial crude oil stocks fell last week due to exports rising faster than imports and refineries stepping up operations. But high petroleum product prices should hold back demand in the coming months, which, along with further Strategic Petroleum Reserve releases, should send commercial stocks upward.
Edward Gardner Commodities Economist
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Energy Update

OPEC+ to change tack from September

Whilst OPEC+ has been failing to meet its production quotas in recent months, it will technically finish unwinding its pandemic-related supply cuts come September. We think OPEC+ will then move to a more liberal approach and allow the few members with spare capacity to produce more. This is one reason why we forecast that the Brent oil price will ease back to around $100 per barrel by year end. In view of the wider interest, we are also sending this Energy Update to clients of our Middle East and North Africa service.

23 June 2022

Energy Update

Europe’s gas supply looking increasingly fragile

Russia’s decision to once again cut supplies to Europe makes the region’s gas supply look increasingly precarious. The move will slow regional stock builds and keep prices historically high.

16 June 2022

Energy Data Response

US Weekly Petroleum Status Report

Commercial crude stocks rose again this week, following another unusually large release from the strategic reserve. Meanwhile, implied product demand fell back as petroleum product prices remain very high. We’re expecting demand to remain seasonally soft in the coming months.

15 June 2022

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OPEC Watch

OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report (May)

OPEC lowered its forecast for Russia’s oil production this year, but still expects it to rise. By contrast, we think Russia’s output will fall and see rising pressure on OPEC to step up output in response.

13 May 2022

Energy Update

High fuel prices to suppress US oil consumption

We expect US fuel prices to remain historically high this year due to supply constraints. As a result, we suspect that oil consumption in the US will remain seasonably low for much of the rest of the year.

12 May 2022

Energy Data Response

US Weekly Petroleum Status Report

Commercial crude oil stocks rose last week on higher imports, lower exports and less crude oil being used by refineries. Implied product demand, meanwhile, was little changed and towards the lower end of its seasonal range. High prices for gasoline and diesel will probably constrain demand in coming weeks.

4 May 2022
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