Korea Trade (1st – 20th July)

July data add to evidence that Korean exports are starting to plateau, after reaching very high levels. We expect some softening ahead as supply chain shortages bite and final demand weakens a touch.
Alex Holmes Emerging Asia Economist
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Emerging Asia Economics Weekly

Inflation exacerbates economic crisis in Sri Lanka

The economic situation in Sri Lanka is going from bad to worse, with a surge in inflation undermining the credibility of the central bank (CBSL) and making a debt default all the more likely.

3 December 2021

Emerging Asia Economics Update

How big a threat is Omicron to Asia?

Asian economies, like those elsewhere, have adapted to living with COVID-19 restrictions so that the impact of any tightening would be smaller than it was last year. And unlike in many EMs, there is still room for fiscal and monetary policy to be loosened if prospects took a turn for the worse. Asian exporters could also benefit if a new wave of global infections led to increased demand for consumer goods.

2 December 2021

Emerging Asia Economics Update

South East Asia rebounding, but disruption set to linger

Disruption to industrial activity across South East Asia has eased considerably in the past few weeks, helping to relax global supply constraints, especially in the automotive sector. However, a renewed surge in COVID infections in Vietnam deserves close attention. Drop-In: India – How much scarring will the pandemic leave? 10:00 ET/15:00 GMT, Wednesday 1st December https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/3535749/63CC51718846E8FF3D871827AC84AF1E?partnerref=report Drop-In: Why is Asia sitting out the global inflation surge? 09:00 GMT/17:00 HKT, Thursday 2nd December https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/3546145/A9D34EF592141BEFCAC819ADB40359D5?partnerref=report

1 December 2021

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Emerging Asia Economics Update

Bank of Korea still on course for an August rate hike

The Bank of Korea (BoK) left its main policy rate on hold at 0.50% today and signalled that a rate hike is still very much on the table this year. While the worsening virus situation has made things more uncertain, comments from the press conference suggest that if the economy proves resilient, as we expect, a hike on 26th August is still in play.

15 July 2021

Emerging Asia Data Response

Singapore GDP (Q2, Advanced)

The economy stumbled in Q2 after the government reimposed restrictions in response to a spike in virus cases, but with new infections down and the government rolling back containment measures, the recovery should regain momentum over the coming months. We still expect GDP to expand by 6% in 2021, at the top end of the government 4-6% estimate.

14 July 2021

Emerging Asia Economics Weekly

Singapore bouncing back, rate cut for the Philippines

The government in Singapore is starting to ease restrictions, and the success of the country’s vaccination programme will hopefully allow a rapid return to normality. This should set the stage for a decent economic recovery over the coming months. Inflation in the Philippines fell back in June and is likely to decline further over the coming months, which should open the door for rate cuts to support the struggling economy.

9 July 2021
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