What to make of the S&P 500’s soaring valuation

The S&P 500 remains within a whisker of its all-time high, despite faltering a bit today. Although much of its gain since spring 2020 has reflected growth in earnings, its valuation has also risen sharply and in cyclically adjusted terms is nearly as high now as it was at the height of dot com mania. While that might ring alarm bells, we don’t expect the return from it to be as bad in the next decade as it was in the 2000s.
John Higgins Chief Markets Economist
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Assessing the outlook for DM monetary policy & bonds

Even though we think that most major developed markets (DM) central banks will hike their policy rates more slowly than investors currently anticipate over the next two years, we still expect the yields of 10-year government bonds to rise at least a little in most major DMs over that time. We anticipate that the increase will be the largest in the US, where we think inflationary pressures are strongest.

20 October 2021

Capital Daily

Weaker growth, higher inflation and the impact on markets

The key message of our latest US Economic Outlook is that real economic growth is likely to be lower than widely anticipated, and inflation higher, over the next couple of years. That feeds into our view that gains in US equities will be limited in that time, while Treasury yields rise further.

19 October 2021

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We expect the rise in China’s bond yields to reverse

Rather than continue its recent rise, we think that the 10-year government bond yield in China will fall back over the next couple of years, even as US Treasury yields climb further.

18 October 2021

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Asset Allocation Update

What the S&P 500’s valuation may mean for future returns

Although the US stock market’s valuation is nearly as high now as it was at the height of dot com mania, we don’t expect the return from it to be as bad in the next decade as it was in the 2000s.

26 August 2021

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Assessing the risk to Treasuries from tapering

The muted reaction in the Treasury market following the release of the minutes of last month’s FOMC meeting may seem surprising given the revelation that most participants thought it could be appropriate to begin “tapering” this year. After all, this is sooner than had been envisaged by the medians of primary dealers and market participants surveyed by the NY Fed ahead of the prior FOMC meeting in June (the results of the surveys ahead of its July meeting have not been published yet). It can probably be explained by the fact that many Fed officials have talked about an earlier tapering since the strong July employment report, so expectations had probably already shifted, and by a risk-off mood in markets amid concerns about the COVID-19 delta variant. Yesterday the S&P 500 fell by ~1%. Meanwhile, the WTI crude oil price has slid to its lowest since May and the DXY dollar index is at a 9-month high.

19 August 2021

Asset Allocation Update

On the relative valuations of US housing and equities

Despite growing talk of another bubble in the US housing market, its valuation remains far less stretched than that of the US stock market and is not alarming in our view given the prospects for monetary policy.

18 August 2021
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