Steeper NZ yield curve may be sign of things to come elsewhere

We think developed market yield curves will generally steepen in the near term, as central banks don’t deliver as many rate hikes as appear to be discounted in markets.
Thomas Mathews Markets Economist
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We think the fundamental backdrop for gold remains negative

Despite its surprising resilience over the past few weeks, we still think the price of gold will fall to $1,600/oz. by the end of 2022.

25 January 2022

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Assessing the relative risks from big tech to broad equity indices

US “big tech” hasn’t been spared in 2022’s stock market rout, which has gathered quite a lot more momentum today. Its prior outperformance of the rest of the NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500 was, however, mainly driven by earnings rather than valuations. So, there is arguably little reason to think that big tech will become a disproportionate drag on these indices if sentiment continues to sour.

24 January 2022

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What to make of the stock market sell-off

Although we think that there may be some further rotation away from “growth” stocks over the next few years, as Treasury yields rise, we doubt the S&P 500 will have an awful year.

21 January 2022

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Low relative valuation of euro-zone equities may not last

We think the recent fall in the valuation of euro-zone equities relative to those in the US may partly unwind, and expect the former to outperform the latter over the next few years.

19 November 2021

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Two points on US corporate earnings and the stock market

We think the earnings picture looks better for some sectors of the stock market than others, but overall it is likely to support only limited gains in equities over the next couple of years.

3 November 2021

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Monetary policy, the yield curve, and bond market conundrums

While rises in short-term bond yields haven’t always coincided with higher long-term yields, we are sticking with our view that 10-year bond yields will rise in most major economies over the next couple of years as central banks tighten monetary policy.

29 October 2021
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