Post-payrolls jump in Treasury yields likely to continue

While the jump in the 10-year Treasury yield following the surprisingly weak August non-farm payrolls report is somewhat counterintuitive, we still expect bond yields to rise further.
Bethany Beckett UK Economist
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Inflation compensation, oil prices and the Omicron variant

News of the “Omicron” variant of the coronavirus may have hit both inflation compensation and oil prices recently, but we suspect the correlation between the two will be weaker over the next couple of years than it has been in the past.

29 November 2021

Capital Daily

How the new coronavirus variant is shaking up markets

It’s impossible to say with certainty how much of a threat the new coronavirus variant emerging in southern Africa poses, but a few aspects of the market reaction so far may shed some light on what to expect over the next few weeks if the news is bad.

26 November 2021

Capital Daily

We think E-Z peripheral spreads will widen further, eventually

While the accounts of the ECB’s October meeting and recent comments by some ECB officials suggest to us that there might not be much scope for euro-zone “peripheral” spreads to increase further in the near term, we still expect them to widen slightly in the next year or two as the ECB gradually normalises monetary policy.

25 November 2021

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OPEC+, oil prices and two implications for financial markets

Although yesterday’s decision by OPEC+ to stick to its planned output increases didn’t cause a big reaction in global financial markets, we still expect the price of oil to decline over the next couple of years. This is because we expect that a steady increase in global oil supply will outweigh the recovery in demand. In our view, this would have two main implications for financial markets more generally.

2 September 2021

Global Markets Update

The virus and global stock markets

Progress made by countries in dealing with COVID-19 still seems to have had little bearing, in general, on the relative performance of their stock markets. Instead, swings in sentiment about the virus at a global level appear to have continued to exert a bigger influence via sector rotation. We expect this to persist.

20 August 2021

Capital Daily

We expect US credit spreads to continue to rise

We suspect that corporate credit spreads in the US have now troughed and expect them to keep rising.

17 August 2021
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