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RBA to hike aggressively as inflation surges

With Governor Lowe warming to the idea of tighter policy, we’re sticking to our forecast that the RBA will start to hike rates in June. Our forecast that rates will peak at 1.75% is above the analyst consensus of 1.25% but far lower than the peak of 3.25% priced in by financial markets.
Marcel Thieliant Senior Japan, Australia & New Zealand Economist
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Australia & New Zealand Economics Update

RBNZ will hike rates to 4% but cut next year

The RBNZ lifted the overnight cash rate by 50bp to 3% today as everyone had anticipated and signaled that it will deliver another 50bp hike in October. We now expect the Bank to hike rates to a peak of 4% instead of our previous forecast of 3.5%, but we still expect rate cuts next year.

17 August 2022

Australia & New Zealand Data Response

Australia Wage Price Index (Q2)

Wage growth surpassed its pre-virus peak in Q2 and will jump above 3% this quarter due to a surge in the minimum wage and a tightening labour market. Asia Drop-In (25th Aug.): What’s the economic impact of a weak yen? What does the latest China-Taiwan flare-up mean for decoupling? How ugly are conditions in China’s real estate sector? Join economists from across our Asia services for this regular briefing on the region’s big investment stories. Register now.

17 August 2022

Australia & New Zealand Economics Update

Higher migration not enough to cool labour market

An increase in the permanent migration programme will help to alleviate labour shortages. But the rapid tightening of the labour market in recent months has been driven by strong labour demand rather than a shortfall in supply. The upshot is that the RBA would still have to tighten policy further.

16 August 2022

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Australia & New Zealand Economics Update

Loose fiscal policy adds pressure on RBA to hike rates

With the government facing defeat in May’s election, today’s Budget continued the course of loose fiscal policy that began at the start of the pandemic. As the unemployment rate is set to fall to a 50-year low, this only adds to the pressure on the RBA to start tightening monetary policy.

29 March 2022

Japan Economics Update

Cracks appearing in Yield Curve Control

It hasn’t failed yet but the Bank of Japan’s need to return repeatedly this week to defend the ceiling of its yield target suggests that cracks are appearing in the structure of Yield Curve Control. If maintaining it requires large-scale purchases, the Bank may have to give up. While this would only have a modest impact on private sector borrowing costs, it would call into question the sustainability of large-scale fiscal expansions in response to economic shocks.

29 March 2022

Australia & New Zealand Economics Update

Migration revival won’t let RBA off the hook

Migration is rebounding much faster after the border reopening than we had anticipated. While that will slow the decline in the unemployment rate, the labour market is already historically tight and inflation is set to surge. The upshot is that the RBA will still have to hike rates by more than most anticipate.

21 March 2022
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