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Drop-In: AI, Economies and Markets – How artificial intelligence will transform the global economy

Often-breathless debate around AI can leave investors bewildered as to what this emerging technology will actually mean for the global economy and markets.

It’s a debate which has lacked a consistent and comprehensive framework for thinking through AI’s full economic and market effects: from its potential to boost productivity to its threat of widespread job destruction; from the domestic policy priorities AI will engender to its effect on an increasingly-volatile geo-political environment; from its broad equity market impact to whether a bubble is already forming in AI-themed stocks.

We have addressed these issues and more in our recent Spotlight report ‘AI, Economies and Markets’, which presents a framework for thinking through the full economic and market implications of AI. In this special client briefing, our economist team answered client questions and highlighted key takeaways from the report, including:

  • AI’s potential to revolutionise the global economy;
  • Winners and losers – Which economies will thrive and which will struggle;
  • What AI means for financial markets.
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