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Durable Goods, Adv. Trade (Oct.), GDP (Q3 2nd Est.)

The 0.5% fall in durable goods orders was not as bad as it looked, given that it was entirely due to a fall in volatile aircraft orders. But the bigger news this morning was the huge 10.7% m/m surge in exports in October, which is why we now estimate that GDP growth will accelerate from 2.1% annualised in the third quarter to more than 5% in the fourth, well above our previous forecast of a rise to 4%.
Michael Pearce Senior US Economist
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US Economics Update

Is there really such thing as a ‘jobful’ recession?

While history shows that recessions can begin even while employment is still rising, the current rate of payroll employment growth is far too strong to be consistent with an economic downturn. By the same token, although we think an outright contraction will be avoided, any recession over the next couple of years would almost certainly coincide with a decline in employment and rise in the unemployment rate.

11 August 2022

US Economics Update

Rise in delinquencies not a major threat

The rise in new delinquencies on consumer loans over the first half of the year mostly reflects rising interest costs. With debt levels low, real incomes on track to begin rising again amid a drop back in inflation and the labour market holding up well, that rise in delinquencies is unlikely to turn into a surge.

10 August 2022

US Economics Update

What to make of the fall in participation

With most workers who left during the pandemic mostly returned to the labour force by early 2022, it is little surprise that growth of the labour force has slowed. But the decline in the participation rate over recent months also appears to reflect some softening in demand for workers over recent months which, with the notable exception of payrolls, is increasingly evident across almost all labour market indicators.

10 August 2022

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US Data Response

Retail Sales (Oct.)

The 1.7% m/m rise in retail sales in October, driven by a similarly strong increase in underlying control group sales, suggests that real consumption will rebound to between 3% and 4% annualised in the fourth quarter, from 1.6% in the third.

16 November 2021

US Economics Update

Labour market conditions even tighter

The September Job Opening and Labour Turnover survey shows labour market conditions are far tighter than the 4.6% unemployment rate suggests, and points to continued rapid wage growth. With productivity stagnant, that will add to mounting cyclical price pressures, which we expect to take over from supply bottlenecks and energy prices as the key source of upward pressure on inflation next year.

12 November 2021

US Economics Weekly

Fed risking falling further behind the curve

While the Fed announced tapering as expected at its meeting this week, the big surprise was how dovish the language in the statement and press conference remained, which suggests to us an increasing risk that the Fed is falling behind the curve.

5 November 2021
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