Philippines: hikes a long way off

The fact that the central bank in the Philippines (BSP) left its main policy rate on hold at 2.00% today, despite the very weak state of the economy, suggests further easing is unlikely. While we are now taking out the cuts we had pencilled into our forecast for this year, we think rate hikes are unlikely until 2023.
Alex Holmes Emerging Asia Economist
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Rates in the Philippines to stay low on falling inflation

Inflationary pressures in the Philippines are easing sharply. This will allow the central bank to keep interest rates low to support the economic recovery.

7 December 2021

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Bank of Korea facing a policy dilemma

We expect the Bank of Korea to continue raising interest rates next year, but the worsening near-term prospects for growth mean the outlook for monetary policy has become less clear cut.

6 December 2021

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Inflation exacerbates economic crisis in Sri Lanka

The economic situation in Sri Lanka is going from bad to worse, with a surge in inflation undermining the credibility of the central bank (CBSL) and making a debt default all the more likely.

3 December 2021

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Korea Trade (1st - 20th Sep.)

Korean export values are set to have another strong month in September. Large backlogs of orders are likely to keep exporters busy for many months to come.    

23 September 2021

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Can Sri Lanka avoid default?

Falling foreign exchange reserves, a declining currency and a high level of foreign currency debt mean the risk of a sovereign default in Sri Lanka is growing. While the country should be able to muddle through for the next few months, it faces a crunch point early next year when more bond repayments are due. A default is now looking the most likely option.

16 September 2021

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Malaysia: rates on hold until 2023

Malaysia’s central bank (BNM) left interest rates unchanged at 1.75%, and won’t be in any rush to adjust rates soon. Although the economy should start to rebound now that virus restrictions are being eased, output is likely to remain below potential for some time to come.

9 September 2021
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