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What to make of the latest falls in the S&P 500

Although the S&P 500 has stabilised at the time of writing, its 4% drop yesterday has brought the index close to a bear market. We suspect there may be more pain to come for equities, even if the US economy avoids a recession and the functioning of core markets holds up. ECB Drop-In (24th May 10:00 ET/15:00 BST): Could the ECB deliver a hawkish surprise? Join economists from our Europe and Markets teams for a discussion about what to expect from the Bank’s tightening cycle, including the chances for a bumper hike in July or even an early move at next month’s meeting. Register now.
Thomas Mathews Markets Economist
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Capital Daily

Some market implications of the falls in commodity prices

We think further falls in commodity prices will contribute to continued underperformance of commodity-heavy parts of the global equity market, but won’t prevent government bond yields from rising to higher levels.

29 June 2022

Capital Daily

Rebound in long-dated Bund yields may have further to run

While we expect the recent rise in the yield of 10-year German Bunds to continue between now and the end of 2022, we think there is a significant risk that the recent calm in euro-zone “peripheral” bond markets is not sustained.

28 June 2022

Capital Daily

We doubt China’s stock market will go from strength to strength

We don’t think that the recent rally in China’s stock market sets the stage for extensive gains over the new few years.

27 June 2022

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Global Markets Update

Earnings may be the next headwind for the S&P 500

Despite its struggles yesterday, we think the S&P 500 may have some way further to fall as the economy slows and more companies struggle to meet optimistic earnings expectations. Note: We’ll be discussing the markets outlook in light of Wednesday’s sell-off in a 20-minute online briefing on 19th May at 10:30 ET/ 15:30 BST. Register now.

19 May 2022

Global Markets Update

Bear markets, monetary tightening and the S&P 500

The current struggles of the S&P 500 don’t have much in common with most previous “bear markets”, but we still think one is likely as the Fed presses ahead with monetary tightening.

18 May 2022

Capital Daily

Weighing up the outlook for the S&P 500

History suggests the S&P 500 might recover quite quickly once it reaches its trough, but that may be a way off yet and still-rosy earnings expectations could be an obstacle.

13 May 2022
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