The latest stock market sell-off and the rotation trade

We think the sectoral rotation trade will be a key feature of stock markets as economies continue to recover, resulting in the US market generally trailing those elsewhere.
Thomas Mathews Markets Economist
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How the new coronavirus variant is shaking up markets

It’s impossible to say with certainty how much of a threat the new coronavirus variant emerging in southern Africa poses, but a few aspects of the market reaction so far may shed some light on what to expect over the next few weeks if the news is bad.

26 November 2021

Capital Daily

We think E-Z peripheral spreads will widen further, eventually

While the accounts of the ECB’s October meeting and recent comments by some ECB officials suggest to us that there might not be much scope for euro-zone “peripheral” spreads to increase further in the near term, we still expect them to widen slightly in the next year or two as the ECB gradually normalises monetary policy.

25 November 2021

Capital Daily

Steeper NZ yield curve may be sign of things to come elsewhere

We think developed market yield curves will generally steepen in the near term, as central banks don’t deliver as many rate hikes as appear to be discounted in markets.

24 November 2021

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Is the US dollar overvalued?

The recent gains in the US dollar have left it somewhat above its “fair” value on most metrics we track, but we doubt this will prevent it from rising over the next 6-12 months.

20 August 2021

Global Markets Update

Gains in EM equities may be small from here

We don’t expect emerging market (EM) equities, as a whole, to rack up big gains over the next few years thanks in part to the spillovers of lower growth in China.

19 August 2021

Capital Daily

Some global market implications of China’s slowing growth

We expect slowing economic growth in China to continue to be a headwind for commodity-linked currencies and stock markets over the next couple of years.

16 August 2021
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