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Omicron and the latest fall in the stock market

If worries about the spread of Omicron abated, stock markets would probably recover some of the ground they’ve lost recently. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t expect that to mark the beginning of another big rally.
Thomas Mathews Markets Economist
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Capital Daily

We doubt China’s stock market will go from strength to strength

We don’t think that the recent rally in China’s stock market sets the stage for extensive gains over the new few years.

27 June 2022

Capital Daily

A stock market rebound makes little sense if a recession is nigh

The proximate cause of this week’s tentative rebound in the S&P 500 appears to have been a pull-back in Treasury yields. Yet their retreat has reflected concerns that the Fed will drive the economy into the ground in an effort to bring down inflation. Accordingly, it’s hard to envisage the stock market recovering much more ground if those worries continue to grow.

24 June 2022

Capital Daily

We expect long-dated Treasury yields to resume their rise

While the yield of 10-year US Treasuries has fallen sharply in recent days, we doubt it has already passed its peak.

23 June 2022

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Capital Daily

Peak inflation and the bond market

Although we think US inflation will fall back sharply over the next year, we expect long-term Treasury yields to rise further.

10 December 2021

Global Markets Update

The Fed and the Treasury yield curve

We now expect the Treasury yield curve to flatten further over the next couple of years but think that, in contrast with recent developments, this will happen alongside rising long-term yields.

9 December 2021

Global Markets Update

Assessing the market reaction to Omicron so far

This Update takes stock of the moves in developed market (DM) asset markets in response to the “Omicron” variant, and provides initial thoughts on how we think things might progress if some of the fears about it are realised.

3 December 2021
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