Scar free? The implications of a full economic recovery

While the consensus has become more optimistic about the near-term recovery, most analysts – and the majority of central banks – still believe that the pandemic will leave a legacy of lower global output over the long term. We disagree. And if we’re right, there will be profound consequences for everything from the future path of GDP to the outlook for inflation and the public finances.
Neil Shearing Group Chief Economist
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Long Run Update

Which EMs will climb the global league table?

Emerging markets as a whole will increase their share of global GDP over the coming decades, with the largest expansions likely to come in EMs with rapid population growth (sub-Saharan Africa), those with manufacturing sectors that can drive productivity gains (parts of Asia, Morocco) and those that might benefit from the greening of the global economy and its impact on commodity prices (Peru and Chile).

3 June 2021

Long Run Returns Monitor

Long Run Returns Monitor (May 2021)

Our monthly Long Run Returns Monitor provides an updated set of projections for the returns from major asset classes over the next few decades. Given that the period since the previous edition of this document has been a fairly quiet one for financial markets, our latest projections have changed only slightly. We continue to think that the returns from bonds over the next ten years or so will be meagre, those from global equities and DM REITs reasonable, but that those from commodities will be deeply negative.

27 May 2021

Long Run Update

Higher female participation to help India outperform

There is typically more scope for female participation rates to rise and boost labour supply in EMs. This is particularly so in India and is one reason why we expect its economy to outperform in the long run.

19 May 2021

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Global Economics Update

Four questions (answers) on r/Wallstreetbets

The volatility caused by retail investors co-ordinated on the r/Wallstreetbets forum does not pose a direct threat to the global economy, but it does illustrate some of the financial vulnerabilities that can stem from ultra-loose monetary and fiscal policies. In this Update we answer four important questions about the events of the past week.

1 February 2021

Global Economics Update

Surge in shipping costs adds to near-term price pressure

The surge in global shipping costs over the past six months is likely to be short-lived and several factors will dampen the full pass-through to consumer prices. Even so, it adds to a growing list of developments that point to a rise in inflation over the first half of this year.

19 January 2021

Global Economics Update

Risks to our upbeat view stem mainly from the virus

Our GDP forecasts for this year sit some way above the rest of the market. The greatest risks to this upbeat view stem from unanticipated shifts in the virus and the fight against it, rather than the more orthodox macro events that typically derail forecasts.

13 January 2021
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