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The Long Run

The Long Run

This service provides in-depth, actionable insight into the issues that will shape the global economy and markets over the next 30 years. The service offers detailed forecasts and analysis covering more than 90% of the global economy, as well as financial, commodity and commercial property market returns.

The subscription to this service includes 4-5 emailed publications a month, direct access to our economists, a specially-curated archive of long-term research, and the opportunity to attend our on- and offline briefings.

  • Forecasts out to 2050 for GDP growth, inflation, policy rates and exchange rates in the largest advanced and emerging economies;
  • Projected investment returns to 2050 for equities, bonds, commodities and commercial property;
  • A stream of research, from concise one-pagers to comprehensive deep-dives, which analyses and forecasts the likely outcomes of long-term economic and market issues.
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We recently launched our range of new interactive dashboard covering an extensive range of forecasts out to 2050 and unique interactive guides to issues that will shape the global economy and markets over the coming decades.

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