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The Long Run

The Long Run

This service provides in-depth, actionable insight into the issues that will shape the global economy and markets over the next 30 years. The service offers detailed forecasts and analysis covering more than 90% of the global economy, as well as financial, commodity and commercial property market returns.

The subscription to this service includes 4-5 emailed publications a month, direct access to our economists, a specially-curated archive of long-term research, and the opportunity to attend our on- and offline briefings.

  • Forecasts out to 2050 for GDP growth, inflation, policy rates and exchange rates in the largest advanced and emerging economies;
  • Projected investment returns to 2050 for equities, bonds, commodities and commercial property;
  • A stream of research, from concise one-pagers to comprehensive deep-dives, which analyses and forecasts the likely outcomes of long-term economic and market issues.

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