Aluminium price to rise in 2020 despite surplus

We forecast that the price of aluminium will rise this year even if, as we expect, the market flips from a deficit to a surplus. This is due to our expectation that investors will focus on a more positive backdrop for aluminium demand, amid low inventory levels. What’s more, we think that the data are overstating the extent of 2019’s market deficit.
Kieran Clancy Assistant Commodities Economist
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Metals Data Response

Global Steel Production (Jun.)

Growth in global steel production remained in double digits in June, but this largely reflects the low base for comparison from last year. Meanwhile, government-imposed environmental controls in China weighed heavily on steel production there, and renewed efforts to clamp down on excess steelmaking capacity in recent weeks suggest it will fall further in the months ahead.

23 July 2021

Metals Data Response

Global Aluminium Production (Jun.)

Global aluminium output growth softened in June, largely due to power cuts in China’s key aluminium-producing province of Yunnan. But these curbs have started to be relaxed in recent weeks, which suggests that growth in global aluminium production will start to accelerate again before long.

20 July 2021

Industrial Metals Update

Beginning of the end for copper rally

After reaching an all-time high in May, the price of copper has since come off the boil. And we think it will fall further over the next eighteen months or so, as a combination of weaker economic growth in China and a greater availability of both ore and scrap supply tips the refined market into a surplus.

16 July 2021

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Energy Data Response

US Weekly Petroleum Status Report

Last week’s decline in US crude stocks adds to evidence that the oil market is getting tighter. This supports our view that oil prices have further to rise in the months ahead, before higher OPEC+ supply brings the market closer to balance and sends prices lower.

26 May 2021

Commodities Update

China’s commodity imports are on the way down

China’s commodity imports fell back in April compared with a month earlier. This chimes with our view that imports of industrial commodities into China will come off the boil as economic growth there slows. In turn, this should be a factor dragging the prices of industrial metals lower by year-end.

7 May 2021

Metals Data Response

Global Aluminium Production (Mar.)

Daily aluminium production dropped back a bit in March. But with prices currently at multi-year highs, and only very piecemeal restrictions on output in China, we doubt it will be long before daily aluminium production starts to creep higher again.

20 April 2021
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