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Global Economics

This service provides an overview of the world economy. It includes brief summaries of our views on current and upcoming developments in individual countries and regions, but the focus is on wider implications and global themes.

The subscription to this service includes 10-15 emailed publications a month, access to our online research archive and our economists, and the opportunity to attend our conferences, forums and webinars.

  • Bold views which frequently challenge conventional wisdom.
  • Timely, clear and concise research.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the world’s major economies.

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Publications include:

  • Global Economics Update

    Short and timely commentaries on global economic issues and events.
  • Global Monetary Indicators Monitor

    A snapshot of trends in money and credit aggregates in the major advanced economies.
  • Global Trade Monitor

    Monthly snapshot of world and regional trade flows and important developments in world trade.
  • Global Inflation Watch

    Offers a unique global approach to the analysis of current and future influences on inflation
  • Global Policy Watch

    Regular analysis of global policy issues with a calendar of upcoming global events.
  • Global Fiscal Watch

    Quarterly overview of the fiscal position and key fiscal policy developments.
  • Global Central Bank Watch

    Monthly analysis of monetary policy in the largest advanced economies, and a selection of emerging economies.
  • Global Economics Chart Book

    A monthly snapshot of the global economy in chart form.
  • Global Economics Focus

    Periodic “think pieces” which highlight interesting and important issues in the world economy and their implications.
  • Global Economic Outlook

    Sets out our near-term and strategic view of the world’s major economies as well as our key forecasts for each country.

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Global Economics

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