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Artificial intelligence and the global economy

The economic and market impact of artificial intelligence

How AI will transform the global economy

Within the analysis on this page, you’ll find insight into how AI will reshape the global economy from all angles, from the impact on productivity and jobs to the consequences for inflation, policy and regulation. And, with our new proprietary AI Economic Impact Index, you’ll get a clear picture of AI’s consequences for the global economic order, including the countries that are best placed to exploit the economic benefits of AI and those that will struggle. Finally, we tie all of this together and explain AI’s implications for financial markets.

AI artificial intelligence

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AI, Economies and Markets

Our Spotlight 2023 report presents the full macro and market implications of artificial intelligence. Explore the chapters below and also see our proprietary CE AI interactive dashboard.

Listen to our latest podcast "Is AI coming for our jobs?"

From hope to reality to hype and hysteria. The rapid development and adoption of generative artificial intelligence may be keeping headline writers busy, but is there anything to their warnings about the technology’s roll-out leading to mass unemployment?

In this special episode of our The Weekly Briefing, Senior Economic Advisor Vicky Redwood and Deputy Chief UK Economist Ruth Gregory discuss AI’s potential as an economic game changer and what that could mean for labour markets.

AI artificial intelligence

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