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Artificial intelligence and the global economy

AI, Economies and Markets

How artificial intelligence will transform the global economy

Capital Economics' definitive guide to AI's coming productivity boom – and how it will reshape economies and help define market returns.

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Artificial intelligence is more than headline-driven hype. Our new, comprehensive guide to AI’s economic and market implications explains why – whatever your asset class, whatever your time horizon, whatever your investment strategy – you need to understand what this technology means for your business. Download our free report to learn:

  • Why AI will lead to a massive productivity boom – but one which won’t be shared equally across economies;

  • Which countries will lead in the global AI race – and why this is another fault line in a deteriorating US-China relationship;

  • How AI will really affect labour markets, and whether the technology poses another inflationary risk;

  • The full risks of an AI-fuelled bubble in equity markets, and how this technology could shape interest rates over the long-term.  

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AI artificial intelligence

The economic and market impact of artificial intelligence

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