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Climate Drop-In: China’s climate contradictions in an age of fracturing

As the world’s biggest polluter and its biggest investor in renewable energy, China is a study in contradiction on the climate question. The government’s success in reining in emissions and its industry’s growing dominance of green technology supply will prove critical in meeting global climate commitments. How will China’s efforts to meet its climate commitments proceed in the face of increased competition with the US and its allies as the global economy fractures?

Mark Williams, our Chief Asia Economist, David Oxley, the head of our new Climate Economics coverage, and China Economist Sheana Yue held a special briefing on China and the climate question. During this 20-minute session, the team answered client questions as they addressed key issues, including:

  • How China’s emissions picture stacks up against climate targets;
  • How China’s role in renewable energy supply chains will develop;
  • Risks around climate and global economic fracturing. 
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