How to think about the long-term effects of the virus

The immediate effects of the coronavirus on the global economy are becoming increasingly clear and point to a sharp fall in output across the world. Recession looms. The effects over the longer term are less obvious. The most likely outcome is that economies return to the pre-virus path of GDP within a couple of years, albeit with some lost output in the meantime. But that hinges on several things going right over the coming months and quarters.
Neil Shearing Group Chief Economist
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Global Economics Update

COVID Recovery Monitor

Coronavirus fears have resurged, with some restrictions being reimposed in Europe. So far, the hit to activity seems fairly modest, but it will be enough to see economic recoveries in the euro-zone and parts of emerging Europe slow in Q4. And restrictions might be tightened further in some economies if an Omicron wave dials up the pressure on health services, implying bigger risks to GDP early next year.

8 December 2021

Global Economics Focus

Will labour shortages spur productivity gains?

One possible upside of the current labour market shortages in developed economies is that they could push firms towards expanding output by raising investment and productivity instead of relying on cheap labour. However, any gains in productivity may not materialise quickly enough to prevent central banks from reacting to the pick-up in wage growth. In view of the wider interest, we have also made this Global Economics Focus available to clients of our Long Run Service.

2 December 2021

Global Economics Update

PMIs show some signs of supply shortages easing

November’s manufacturing PMIs suggest that global industrial production has continued to expand, albeit at a slower pace than earlier this year. There are tentative signs that supply disruptions may be easing, but from a very strained starting point, and virus developments may cause a renewed deterioration soon.

1 December 2021

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Long Run Update

Scar free? The implications of a full economic recovery

While the consensus has become more optimistic about the near-term recovery, most analysts – and the majority of central banks – still believe that the pandemic will leave a legacy of lower global output over the long term. We disagree. And if we’re right, there will be profound consequences for everything from the future path of GDP to the outlook for inflation and the public finances.

21 May 2021

Global Economics Update

Four questions (answers) on r/Wallstreetbets

The volatility caused by retail investors co-ordinated on the r/Wallstreetbets forum does not pose a direct threat to the global economy, but it does illustrate some of the financial vulnerabilities that can stem from ultra-loose monetary and fiscal policies. In this Update we answer four important questions about the events of the past week.

1 February 2021

Global Economics Update

Surge in shipping costs adds to near-term price pressure

The surge in global shipping costs over the past six months is likely to be short-lived and several factors will dampen the full pass-through to consumer prices. Even so, it adds to a growing list of developments that point to a rise in inflation over the first half of this year.

19 January 2021
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