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Safe-haven flows drive the dollar higher

The US dollar looks set to end the week stronger against most major currencies, nearing its strongest level since 2002 as “risky” assets remained under pressure. A key reason for the dollar’s rally is that weak activity data out of the US, including the ISM survey data released today, added to growing concerns about global growth. What’s more, policymakers largely shrugged off such concerns at the ECB’s Sintra Conference earlier this week, reiterating their commitment to taming inflation even at the cost of weaker growth. Next week’s minutes from the last FOMC meeting may well add to that picture. All in all, we think this backdrop will continue to favour the dollar. EM Drop-In (Thurs, 7th July): Join our economists for their regular monthly briefing on the hot stories in EMs – and those that aren’t getting the attention they deserve. In this 20-minute session, topics will include the outlook for EM FX markets after the recent sell-offs. Register now.
James Reilly Assistant Economist
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FX Markets Weekly Wrap

Dollar rallies as hope for a Fed pivot proves short-lived

The huge upside surprise in US payrolls data pushed the greenback higher against most major currencies today in an otherwise quiet week for FX markets. The continued strength of the labour market in the US adds to our conviction that the Fed remains some way off from taking its foot off the brakes, a message echoed by several Fed officials earlier in the week. By contrast, many other central banks face more difficult trade-offs: the latest labour market data from New Zealand and Canada showed falls in employment; the BoE and RBA both hiked by 50bp but revised their forecasts to reflect higher inflation and lower growth; and some emerging market central banks appear to be at or near the end of their tightening cycles. Next week’s US CPI data, which we expect will show continued strong core price pressures even if headline inflation slows, could put another nail in the coffin of the ‘pivot’ narrative. Even in the absence of further divergence in monetary policy, we expect slowing global activity and worsening risk sentiment to, underpin further strength in the greenback over the rest of the year.

5 August 2022

FX Markets Outlook

We think the dollar rally still has further to run

We think the dollar will appreciate further through at least the end of the year as the global economy continues to falter and “safe-haven” demand remains strong. Although we see limited scope for a further widening of expected interest rate differentials in favour of the greenback, we expect an environment in which the Fed and other major central banks continue to tighten monetary policy, even as economic growth slows, to support further dollar strength. We expect risky assets to remain under pressure for some time yet, and we believe that long-term yields have already peaked for this cycle. And previous peaks in the 10-year US Treasury yields have, more often than not, coincided with further dollar appreciation. We think a similar story will play out this time around as safe-haven demand makes the dollar, alongside the yen and the Swiss franc, the best performing currencies over the rest of this year and, probably, some way into 2023.

4 August 2022

FX Markets Weekly Wrap

Dollar struggles on market’s hope of a Powell pivot

The dollar looks set to lose further ground this week after the FOMC’s 75bp hike was, somewhat strangely, interpreted as the start of a dovish pivot and US Q2 GDP disappointed. However, the greenback has rebounded a bit today after income and spending data proved more robust and indicated continued strong price pressures. Our sense is that the risk-on response to the FOMC is largely down to a combination of wishful thinking and stretched positioning. In our view, there was little in Chair Powell’s remarks to suggest policymakers will abandon aggressive rate hikes while inflation remains so far above target. Indeed, he emphasised that policymakers anticipate that bringing inflation back to target will involve ”a period of below-trend growth and some softening of labour market conditions” – an unusual admission from a central bank governor. If we are right that markets have misread the Fed’s intention, the dollar will probably resume its rally before too long.

29 July 2022

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Capital Daily

We think headwinds to sterling are growing

We expect the pound to weaken further against the US dollar over the rest of 2022 as the BoE fails to keep pace with the Fed’s tightening cycle and appetite for risk continues to weaken.

22 June 2022

Capital Daily

The BoJ stands alone, for now

The BoJ left policy unchanged today but we suspect that it will ultimately modify its Yield Curve Control (YCC) framework before long. We think this could, at the margin, add to the upward pressure on government bond yields elsewhere. And we doubt the tweak would afford the Japanese yen much relief. Markets Drop-In (22nd June, 10:00 ET/15:00 BST): Join our Markets team for this special briefing on the outlook for equities, bonds and FX and a discussion about revisions to our forecasts. Register now

17 June 2022

FX Markets Update

We think the sharp falls in the lira have much further to run

The Turkish lira is once again depreciating sharply against the US dollar and we expect this to continue. We revise our forecasts for the lira and pencil in further substantial weakness by the end of 2022, to 24/$. Turkey Drop-In (15th June, 10:00 ET/15:00 BST): We’ll be discussing what’s behind the latest currency crisis and how it may play out in a 20-minute online briefing. Register now.

15 June 2022
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