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Taking stock of a dismal year for EM equities

Even if virus concerns abate, we doubt that 2022 will see a spectacular turnaround for emerging market equities.
Nicholas Farr Assistant Economist
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Capital Daily

We see more trouble ahead for US equities and Treasuries

We don’t expect US equities and Treasuries to fare well in the second half of this year after their torrid performance in the first six months of 2022.

1 July 2022

Capital Daily

Central bank put still missing in action

Despite renewed falls in equity markets and broadening signs that investors are bracing for a major slowdown in the global economy, most central banks appear determined to press ahead with the most aggressive and synchronised tightening cycle since at least the 1990s. While policymakers may eventually relent, we think their willingness to impose further pain on financial markets continues to be underestimated.

30 June 2022

Capital Daily

Some market implications of the falls in commodity prices

We think further falls in commodity prices will contribute to continued underperformance of commodity-heavy parts of the global equity market, but won’t prevent government bond yields from rising to higher levels.

29 June 2022

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Capital Daily

We think EM LC government bond yields will rise further

We expect local-currency government bond yields in most emerging markets (EMs) to rise a bit in 2022, as EM central banks continue to tighten monetary policy and US Treasury yields increase. In China, though, we think that bond yields will decline as the country’s central bank loosens monetary policy. Note: Central Bank Drop-In – The Fed, ECB and BoE are just some of the key central bank decisions expected in this packed week of meetings. Neil Shearing and a special panel of our chief economists will sift through the outcomes on Thursday, 16th December at 11:00 ET/16:00 GMT and discuss the monetary policy outlook for 2022.

15 December 2021

Global Markets Update

We think EM earnings expectations are too optimistic

In our view, analysts’ expectations for earnings across the emerging world over the next couple of years generally look a bit optimistic. And, since we don’t expect a major increase in valuations, we think that emerging market (EM) equities will make only relatively modest gains over the coming year.

14 December 2021

Capital Daily

We see little upside for developed market corporate bonds

Even if the global economy proves fairly resilient to Omicron, we don’t think that there is much scope for corporate bonds to perform better than government bonds over the coming years.

2 December 2021
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