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Making sense of the mixed signals behind US dollar strength

The US dollar has strengthened against most currencies, despite the fall in the yield of 10-year US Treasuries. We think that the greenback will appreciate further, aided by a rise in long-term Treasury yields.
Jonathan Petersen Markets Economist
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Capital Daily

The ECB, the Fed, and the euro

The hawkish tone of the latest flurry of ECB and Fed speakers suggests that, despite the recent drop in equity markets and widening of credit spreads, policymakers are determined to press ahead with aggressive tightening. In particular, the ECB, having been slow out of the gate, appears to be playing catch up. We see three key market implications.

18 May 2022

Capital Daily

Near bear market for S&P 500 doesn’t mean it’s out of the woods

The glass-half-full case for US equities is that they have already fallen about as far they do in a typical recession, so they now have plenty of upside if, as we happen to project, the US economy bends rather than breaks. The glass-half-empty rejoinder is that their slump so far this year has mainly reflected an unwinding of lofty valuations in the face of turmoil in the bond market rather than concern about the outlook for growth, which is only recently starting to mount. Our forecast is that the S&P 500 will bottom out at 3,750 in the middle of next year, as a renewed rise in Treasury yields and weaker activity drag it down further. But we wouldn’t be surprised if it fell to a much lower level if we did get a mild recession – a peak-to-trough drop of about a third wouldn’t then seem out of the question to us. That would correspond to a nadir of slightly above 3,200.

17 May 2022

Capital Daily

Some market implications of China’s lockdowns

China’s slowdown could keep the renminbi under pressure, and may have gloomy implications for global markets as well.

16 May 2022

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FX Markets Weekly Wrap

US ISM and payrolls could add fuel to the dollar rally

The US dollar seems set to end the week slightly weaker, but has held much of its gains following last Wednesday’s FOMC announcement. With increasing focus on the prospects for monetary tightening globally, next week’s employment and survey data in the US may push the dollar higher, if they back up the Fed’s optimistic assessment of the economic outlook.

25 June 2021

FX Markets Update

We think that the yen will weaken further before long

We expect the yen will continue to depreciate against the US dollar this year as 10-year US Treasury yields resume their rise.

18 June 2021

FX Markets Update

Taking stock of the FX market reaction to the FOMC

The reaction to this week’s FOMC meeting supports our view that the US dollar will strengthen against most currencies this year.

17 June 2021
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