CMHC sounds the alarm

A closer look at the house price forecasts from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) shows they are not as alarming as they first seem. The worry, however, is that the very public warning of huge price declines becomes self-fulfilling.
Stephen Brown Senior Canada Economist
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Canada Economics Weekly

Will they, won’t they?

Whether the Bank of Canada raises interest rates next week or not, the more important question now is how high will rates eventually rise? Our view is that current market pricing is too aggressive.

21 January 2022

Canada Data Response

Retail Sales (Nov.)

The rise in retail sales in November was not as strong as it looks, and the preliminary estimate suggests that sales fell sharply in December amid the Omicron wave. They are likely to fall further this month.

21 January 2022

Bank of Canada Watch

Bank of Canada to tee up March hike

Amid growing wage pressures, we now forecast that the Bank of Canada will raise interest rates this quarter. While we wouldn’t rule out a hike next week, our base case is that the Bank will deliver a hawkish policy statement that tees up a hike in March.

19 January 2022

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Bank of Canada Watch

Bank to wait until July before tapering again

Inflation surpassed the upper limit of the Bank of Canada’s target range in April but, with second-quarter GDP growth set to be weaker than the Bank expected and Governor Tiff Macklem concerned about the strength of the loonie, the Bank is unlikely to present a more hawkish policy statement or cut its asset purchases again next week.

2 June 2021

Canada Data Response

GDP (Q1)

The first-quarter data confirm that the economy took the second coronavirus wave in its stride but, with the preliminary estimate showing that GDP fell in April, the third wave has been much more disruptive.

1 June 2021

Canada Economics Weekly

Hot economy summer

The re-opening plans set out in the last couple of weeks point to strong gains in GDP over the summer. Given supply constraints, we expect the increase in activity to result in higher inflation than most expect.

28 May 2021
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