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Special episode: AI and the global economic order

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Which countries are leading the AI race? What role is AI playing amid growing strategic competition between the US and China? Does AI spell doom for EM outsourcing industries? 
Moneli Hall-Harris from our Consultancy division and Deputy Chief EM Economist Shilan Shah talk to David Wilder about our AI Economic Impact Index and what its rankings say about which economies are best positioned to develop AI, but also to diffuse and adapt to the technology. 
The discussion with Moneli and Shilan includes:  
  • The AI Economic Impact Index’s unique global view of the emergence of AI;
  • How China’s position on the Index contrasts with Beijing’s ambitions;
  • Whether AI will help or hinder emerging market income convergence with developed economies.
This is special podcast episode is part of our 2023 Spotlight project on artificial intelligence and its implications for the global economy and markets. 
Explore the project, including the AI Economic Impact Index and our report ‘AI, Economies and Markets: How artificial intelligence will transform the global economy’ by clicking here.