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The post-pandemic inflation risk and how to track it

06 May, 2021

As many developed economies are now moving towards recovery from the pandemic, so evidence of an inflationary upsurge is mounting. However, not all economic recoveries will be alike, and neither will the distribution of price pressures. Furthermore, lockdown disruptions have fed through to data distortions, making the job of analysing the extent of inflation’s return across economies that much harder.

To help clients address these challenges, our senior economists including Jennifer McKeown, the head of our Global Economics Service, are holding this special webinar to explain:

  • How to track inflation in developed economies;
  • Which economies face the biggest inflation risk;
  • How CE Interactive can help clients assess the inflation threat.

Time: 0700 PT/ 1000 ET/ 1500 BST on Thursday, 6th May 2021

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