Lumber prices to be cut down to size

Even though we expect lumber demand to hold up well for some time, we still think that a rebound in supply will lead to a sharp fall in the price of US lumber over the next eighteen months.
Samuel Burman Assistant Commodities Economist
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Commodities Update

China PMIs point to weaker metals demand

China’s July survey data suggest that manufacturing and construction activity have continued to cool, which supports our view that a slowdown in China will weigh heavily on industrial metals prices.

2 August 2021

Commodities Weekly Wrap

Supply disruptions remain a key risk

The recent bounce in commodity prices continued this week, helped by the ongoing depreciation in the US dollar and a series of risks on the supply side which are rearing their head. Most notably, a spell of cold weather in Brazil has dampened the supply outlook for several agricultural commodities, while ongoing wage negotiations at a major copper mine in Chile threaten to end in strike action. Though we are sceptical that the weakening in the US dollar will last, we are less sanguine about the risks to supply. Indeed, were these risks to materialise and/or intensify, they may prevent prices from falling by as much as we expect by the end of the year.

30 July 2021

Commodities Outlook

Price rallies to soon give way to broad-based declines

We think that the widespread rallies in commodity prices from their pandemic-induced lows are now close to, or in some cases already past, their peak. Most notably, we anticipate that Q3 will be as good as it gets for the oil price, and that it will start to ease back by the end of the year as OPEC+ continue to unwind their collective output cut and demand growth slows. Meanwhile, the rally in industrial metals prices already seems to have fizzled out, and we think this will soon give way to a protracted decline in prices as economic growth in China disappoints over the next couple of years.

29 July 2021

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Energy Update

OPEC impasse: what next?

The failure of OPEC+ to agree to new production quotas has created considerable uncertainty about the group’s oil production going forward. In this Update, we lay out three possible scenarios for OPEC+ output in the coming months and what they would mean for oil prices.

6 July 2021

Energy Update

Rising production to take the sizzle out of Henry Hub

Strong industrial demand and constrained domestic supply will support US natural gas prices throughout the remainder of this year. However, we expect that the average price will fall in 2022 in large part because of higher production.

28 June 2021

Commodities Update


Although we remain optimistic about the near-term demand outlook, we think that the price of US lumber will fall further in the coming months as domestic supply continues to revive.

23 June 2021
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