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Three market implications of the EU’s embargo on Russian oil

We think that, at the margin, the EU’s embargo on Russian oil, announced yesterday, adds to reasons to expect the yields of long-dated government bonds to rise, equities to struggle and commodity currencies to outperform over the rest of this year.
Kieran Tompkins Assistant Economist
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Capital Daily

Falling (headline) inflation doesn’t preclude renewed rises in yields

Despite dropping on the signs of a softening in some inflationary pressures, we suspect the yield of 10-year US Treasuries might climb again this year.

10 August 2022

Capital Daily

Surging unit labour costs are a danger to the US stock market

Today’s news that unit labour costs in the US nonfarm business sector grew at a near double-digit annual pace in Q2 2022, as soaring wages interacted with negative productivity growth, hasn’t ruffled the stock market much. That may be because of question marks about its accuracy in light of wedges between data on expenditure, income and employment, and because investors are fixated instead on what tomorrow’s timelier consumer price report for July will reveal about inflation. Nonetheless, when unit labour costs last grew so rapidly, in the 1970s, it was a bad time for equities partly because they squeezed profits. That is a risk today.

9 August 2022

Capital Daily

What the bond market is telling us about inflation

US inflation compensation began to unwind its post-FOMC bounce last week, following some hawkish comments from Fed officials and a slump in oil prices. With inflation compensation now some way below its peak, and CPI data due Wednesday, it’s worth taking stock of where the market now sits on inflation.

8 August 2022

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Capital Daily

Stock-bond correlation may stay positive for some time yet

While the relationship between the US stock market and government bond prices has reverted towards “normal” over the past couple of weeks, we doubt that this will last; we expect equity and bond prices to be positively correlated for some time yet as central banks struggle to get inflation back to target.

30 May 2022

Capital Daily

Some market implications of China’s lockdowns

China’s slowdown could keep the renminbi under pressure, and may have gloomy implications for global markets as well.

16 May 2022

Global Markets Update

Earnings might not bail out the S&P 500

The S&P 500 might continue to struggle if, as we expect, slowing economic growth and rising labour costs causes corporate profits to grow by less than most anticipate.

13 May 2022
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