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Q2 Global Economic Outlook: Paying the Price of High Inflation

Our Q2 Global Economic Outlook warns that the world economy faces higher inflation and weaker growth than many forecasters expect this year. The latest edition of this quarterly report provides crucial insight into the global outlook, exploring the impact of the war in Ukraine and the global fight against inflation. The report explains why we expect global growth to be even weaker than most forecasters are expecting, highlighting:

  • The global impact of factors such as the war in Ukraine and China's zero-COVID lockdowns;
  • Downgrades to our global growth forecasts and upgrades to our expectations for inflation rates across developed and emerging markets;
  • The economies which are most at risk of recession;
  • Why central banks will tighten policy more aggressively than most expect – and why several will be cutting rates by 2024.

Download the latest complimentary copy of this report to help you anticipate economic change and prepare for market shifts.