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Global Economy

Q2 2024 Global Economic Outlook

On course for a soft landing

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The latest edition of this quarterly report gives investors the insight they need to understand the major shifts coming in the global economy in the coming year, including:

  • Why DM central banks will end up cutting interest rates by more than markets expect; 
  • Why the world economy faces a period of below-trend growth;
  • How long the US will outperform its advanced economy peers.

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In the quarters ahead, economic activity in most of the world will be characterised by soft landings. We expect GDP growth to be below trend, but meaningful recessions should be avoided and the US will continue to outperform its advanced economy peers.
Jennifer McKeown
Jennifer McKeown
Chief Global Economist

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Capital Economics Chief Global Economist Jennifer McKeown leads a team of economists focusing on global themes. She has 18 years' experience as a professional economist, having joined Capital Economics after five years at the Bank of England.

Our Global Economics coverage provides a snapshot of our views on individual countries and regions, but the main focus is on global implications and issues. The service includes timely updates on global growth, trade and inflation; forecasts for monetary policy and inflation in the largest advanced and emerging economies; and a quarterly global economic outlook. It also offers concise but detailed research on current global issues.

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