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India vs China

The Weekly Briefing:
Why will India rise but China stall?

A Capital Economics podcast
24th February, 2023

By mid-century, India will have risen to become the world’s third biggest economy. But China will remain at number two, despite forecasts that it is set to overtake the US. These are findings from our latest Long Run Economic Outlook, which shows a global economy being reshaped by intense US-China competition in the coming decades, but also by major demographic shifts and the widespread adoption of productivity-boosting technologies. Chief Global Economist Jennifer McKeown and Mark Williams, our Chief Asia Economist, discuss just some of the report’s key takeaways, including the forces that will propel India up the global GDP rankings but will also hold China back from the number one spot.

Plus, Group Chief Economist Neil Shearing is on the phone from a departure lounge in Singapore after a week briefing clients – and it seems they share common near and long-term concerns about what’s happening in the global economy.

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