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Capital Economics Roundtable

Spotlight 2023 Event

The Economic & Market Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Tuesday 10th October 2023

Myo Liverpool Street, 69 Old Broad St, London EC2M 1QS

9:00am | 12:30pm 

It has been clear to us that the global debate around AI’s consequences has been missing a comprehensive and coherent framework for thinking through all of the ways that it will shape economies and financial markets.

Our new Spotlight project fills this gap. We have provided insight into how AI will reshape the global economy from all angles, from the impact on productivity and jobs to the consequences for inflation, policy and regulation. And, with our new proprietary AI Economic Impact Index, you’ll get a clear picture of AI’s consequences for the global economic order, including the countries that are best placed to exploit the economic benefits of AI and those that will struggle. Finally, we tie all of this together and explain AI’s implications for financial markets.

Please join Neil Shearing and a team of our senior economists for this exclusive in-person briefing on Tuesday 10th October. Our panel of experts will be sharing their recent findings on how AI will impact the global economy and financial markets, plus you’ll get the chance to interact directly with our economists, ask your questions and hear different perspectives from your industry peers.