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Graduate Staff Profiles

  • Olivia Cross

    Olivia Cross

    Assistant Economist

  • Bachelor’s degree, University and course: Loughborough University, BSc Economics with Politics
  • Master’s degree: SOAS, Msc Economics and Environment
  • Capital Economics Graduate Scheme, applicable dates: 2021-2023

Why did you apply to join the Capital Economics graduate scheme?

I initially joined as a placement student and really enjoyed my time at CE, so was very keen to return. The rotations on the graduate scheme really appealed to me as they give such a wide experience across different regions and markets.

What have you worked on while on the graduate scheme?

So far I have spent six months working on Latin America where I have covered a broad range of topics, from monetary policy to current accounts to debt sustainability, and also launched our coverage of the Dominican Republic and Panama. I’ve now spent two months on the Commodities team where I cover agricultural commodities.

What is the most rewarding or surprising aspect of your role at Capital Economics?

The most rewarding part of my role has been the huge opportunity for learning. Often when starting a piece of writing I have only a baseline understanding of the topic, and by the end I can confidently write about it. I also enjoy seeing my published work quoted in the media and knowing that it is having an impact.

What Msc course are you doing?

I am studying the Economics and Environment masters course at SOAS. I chose this course because I believe environmental concerns are becoming increasingly important for economic analysis, particularly when you’re looking at the real-world macroeconomy. I was keen to explore economics academically from a new perspective, especially in a field that I believe will see an ever greater interest from our clients in the future.