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Q2 China economic outlook: No quick fix this time

Official China GDP data suggest that q/q growth remained robust in the first quarter. However, we don’t think this accurately reflects the reality on the ground.

Our proprietary China Activity Proxy indicates that output fell in Q3 last year and has been largely stagnant since, with the property downturn and a drop in the service sector being the main culprits.

Our latest Q2 2022 China Economic Outlook provides a comprehensive view of how China’s economy and policy will evolve this year, assessing the key issues that will shape macro and market outcomes.

Themes discussed in the report include:

  • The impact of coronavirus lockdowns on China’s economic activity
  • The sectors to recover when the government gets a grip on the virus
  • Monetary and fiscal policy outlooks

Download the latest complimentary copy of this report to help you anticipate economic change and prepare for market shifts.