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AI and equities

Q3 2023 Asset Allocation Outlook

The implications of AI hype for asset returns

Our Q3 Asset Allocation Outlook explains why we think safe assets will regain some ground on risky ones in the remainder of 2023, despite the recent euphoria in the stock market over Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

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The latest edition of the Asset Allocation Outlook quarterly report sets out our comprehensive analysis and forecasts for asset classes in the short run and medium run, including:

  • Why we bond yields will fall this year and next as inflation pressures ease and economic growth slows; 
  • Why we think AI euphoria may prompt renewed US outperformance, despite dollar weakness;
  • Why we expect strong but volatile gains from energy this year, and poor returns thereafter.

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...we think equities (particularly those in the US technology sector) are set for a rip-roaring 2024.
John HIggins
John Higgins
Chief Markets Economist

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Property prices fall

About our Asset Allocation coverage

Our Asset Allocation provides detailed analysis of the relative prospects for four major asset classes: equities, bonds, commodities and commercial property. 

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