We don’t expect rising inflation to lead to EM currency strength

Despite rising inflation, we continue to think that most emerging market (EM) central banks will tighten policy more slowly than investors currently expect.
Jonathan Petersen Markets Economist
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Trying to make sense of the rally in Treasuries

The recent decline in US Treasury yields in the face of very strong inflation numbers and broader signs of building price pressures is surprising, and we doubt that it will last.

11 June 2021

Capital Daily

Inflation, monetary policy and the outlook for US & E-Z yields

Despite the limited market reaction to today’s higher-than expected US CPI print, we still think that the yield of US 10-year Treasuries will rise this year as high inflation proves persistent. We expect yields to rise in the euro-zone as well, but by less than in the US. Today’s ECB decision supports this view.

10 June 2021

Capital Daily

Taking stock of US inflation expectations and Treasuries

The recent pull-back in the 10-year Treasury yield mainly seems to reflect less concern about the long-term outlook for inflation, even though Thursday’s CPI data will probably show that core inflation rose last month to a 28-year high.

8 June 2021

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FX Markets Weekly Wrap

Payrolls take centre stage again

While strong data in the US have provided some support for the dollar, it remains broadly flat on the week. With economic recoveries well underway in most developed markets, focus remains on what the latest data can tell us about the relative prospects for monetary tightening. Although temporary factors continue to distort data globally, we expect that next week’s data releases, in particular the all-important US payrolls figure, will continue to point to a robust economic recovery.

28 May 2021

Capital Daily

We think the euro’s recent strength will prove to be transitory

While recent strong data confirm that the economic recovery in the eurozone is underway, we continue to think the euro will weaken against the US dollar this year.

25 May 2021

Capital Daily

We expect recent strength in the South African rand to reverse

Despite its recent appreciation against the US dollar, we expect the South African rand – like most emerging market (EM) currencies – to end this year weaker against the greenback.

20 May 2021
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