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Trade war

Prepping for a new trade war: What Trump 2.0 could mean for the global economy

The Republican candidate's tariff threats and their US and global economic impact

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The US election is still months away but the presumptive Republican candidate is already making waves with threats to significantly raise tariffs. While a tariff of up to 60% on all Chinese imports would mark the opening salvo in a new trade war, a 10% tariff on all imports into the US would have profound consequences for the US and global economy.

We’ve been supporting a wide range of businesses around the world to help them understand what Donald Trump’s trade policies would mean for their strategies and supply chains if enacted and you can now read our analysis of what to expect and what it would mean for growth and inflation. Download this free report today to understand:

  • What Trump is threatening on Chinese and global good flows;

  • How higher tariffs would affect the US economy and US interest rates if enacted;

  • How other countries could respond and what a new trade war would mean for a fracturing global economy.

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