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Make better investment decisions that deliver sustainable value with Capital Economics’s unmatched insight into the global economy and markets

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Find out what’s been driving US economic and markets dominance since long before the pandemic and learn what lies ahead for the global economy. 

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US election 2024

US election 2024

A Biden-Trump rematch and the consequences for the global economy and markets

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Introducing CE Advance

CE Advance is the new premium product from Capital Economics that delivers Capital Economics' award-winning analysis through a new personalised digital experience.

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Making the right strategic decisions or wielding greater influence often requires the support of robust evidence combined with cutting-edge insight. Our consultants and economists have the experience and expertise needed to deliver the bespoke analysis, research, and insight that helps organisations achieve their objectives. 

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How we help you

Our clients benefit from actionable insight with the context, breadth and depth required to make informed investment decisions that deliver immediate and sustained value.

Make better investment decisions and strategic plans

We have a proven track record of accurate forecasts in key markets and regions, built upon the collective market experience and knowledge of our economist team. Our rigorous analysis and independence allow us to make confident non-consensus calls when appropriate and help our clients understand the global trends that will influence their success in the immediate term, over the next 2-3 years and beyond.

Gain a holistic market understanding

We help our clients get a complete and comprehensive picture of what's happening in economies and markets around the world, what it means for their investments, and what is likely to happen next. We continuously analyse interactions between economies, regions and sectors and evolve our forecasts to provide an up-to-date picture of what matters right now.

Access to essential macroeconomic insight for your role

The breadth and depth of our coverage means that our clients can benefit from expertise across a wide range markets and sectors without needing to increase internal headcount. We provide our insights across a range of channels that allow all roles involved in investment decisions to get timely, relevant information in a format that suits them.

Timely, actionable insights

Our research is presented in a concise, jargon-free style that is easy to understand so that our clients can glean the essential message quickly without needing to read a lengthy report. When every minute counts, we are quick to respond to economic events with focused analysis that cuts through the noise and helps clients make confident investment decisions.

We're committed to ensuring our clients are well prepared for the inevitable shifts in the global economy and markets. The breadth and depth of our coverage mean that, whatever the market, Capital Economics clients invest with confidence.
Neil Shearing
Neil Shearing
Group Chief Economist