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Upcoming Events

Capital Economics hosts a range of on and off-line events throughout the year with a programme to suit all clients and help them deepen their understanding of the global economy and markets.

Our Webinars provide immersive discussion on regional, sectoral or thematic issues. These structured sessions run for around 45 minutes, allowing our economists to present their latest views, supported by slide decks and supplementary research materials, with plenty of opportunity for questions from the online audience. Webinar topics include regular briefings from our economist teams, such as periodic reviews of the UK economy and what to expect in commodities markets, to one-off thematic events featuring a panel of experts drawn from across our services. We host an archive of webinar recordings which you can access here.

Drop-Ins are short, sharp online client-only briefings designed to ensure they get the answers they need with minimal disruption to their working day. These 20 minute sessions focus on everything from the latest market development – be it a volatility spike, a highly-anticipated data release or a key central bank meeting – to the findings of our latest analysis and forecasts, all the while keeping the floor open for questions. Given the immediacy of these sessions, invites are emailed at short notice. Recent Drop-In sessions include:

  • The July US employment report;
  • The economic impact of China’s trade war with Australia;
  • Whether we are returning to 1970s levels of inflation.

We’re also looking forward to reviving our in-person events. These high points in the Capital Economics annual calendar give us a chance to catch up with clients face-to-face at physical conferences throughout the US, Europe and Asia. These are designed to address key economic and market issues and to present our latest research, while providing plenty of opportunity for clients to get their questions answered in or around the scheduled programme.

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