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How big a threat are Chinese EVs to Japan Inc.?

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It was one of those turning points in the global economy which deserved more attention: Chinese passenger car exports exceeded Japan’s this past May, powered by the country’s rapidly-expanding electric vehicle sector. 
It’s a marker of China’s increasing dominance in this emerging industry, and another sign of Japan’s struggles to make more headway, despite its early forays into alternative fuel vehicles. But secure is China’s EV dominance, how big a threat are its EVs to the likes of Toyota, and will a steady flow of EV exports trigger a regulatory backlash? 
Julian Evans-Pritchard, our China Economics head, and Marcel Thieliant, who leads our Japan coverage, discuss the Chinese EV challenge and what it means for Japan’s auto industry in this special episode of The Weekly Briefing from Capital Economics. During their conversation, Julian and Marcel cut through the hype to address the key issues around the rise of China’s EV industry, including: 
·        How Beijing nurtured a globally-dominant EV industry;
·        The growing risk of Western protectionism against Chinese EVs;
·        How Japan’s car makers lost their lead in alternative fuel vehicles.