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Capital Economics Roundtable

Invitation-only Roundtable

The End of the Ultra-Low Rates Era

R* in the Post-Pandemic Economy

Wednesday 8th November

What will a world of structurally higher interest rates look like? How will central banks respond in a more volatile inflation environment? What will increasing risk-free rates mean for asset allocation?

Chief Global Economist Jennifer McKeown hosted an exclusive in-person briefing all about our new analysis of equilibrium real interest rates with economists from across our Macro and Markets teams.

The team talked through major forces that will reshape advanced economies in the coming years – from demographic change to artificial intelligence to the green transition – showing why the ultra-low rates era is dead, what to expect from an age of higher equilibrium real rates, and what this all means for a broad swathe of asset prices.

During the session, the team took questions from the audience as they addressed key issues, including: 

- The forces that will see equilibrium real interest rates across advanced economies rise from their ultra-low levels of the 2010s;
- How this changing rate environment will affect how central banks set interest rates over the longer-term;
- What rising risk-free rates could mean for allocating risky assets in this new rate era. 

Meet our speakers:

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