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The World in 2023:
Recession, disinflation – and eventually recovery

After a year dominated by the war in Ukraine, a massive inflationary surge and equally aggressive central bank response and some extraordinary financial market volatility, what will 2023 bring? Here we set out our core views for the global economy and financial, commodity and property markets for the coming year. Explore the research, register for our online events in January and see our guide to the year's key upside and downside risks.   

Podcast: Neil Shearing and John Higgins talk 2023

This special episode of The Weekly Briefing includes discussion about recession risk, the China outlook and why we don't think equities have bottomed out yet. 

2023 Upside/Downside Risks

This guide to what could go right and wrong for the global macro and market outlook next year weights the impact of potential risk events against our view on how likely they are to occur.  

Further insight into 2023 upside/downside risks