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waste management

International Alternative Investor

Due diligence case study

This international alternative investment management company wanted to understand the impact of Brexit on the economy of Ireland to inform potential acquisition in the waste management sector.

Client profile

An international alternative investment management company

Project scope

The company wanted to understand the impact of Brexit on the economy of Ireland to inform a potential acquisition in the waste management sector.

Our research

We provided a base case forecast for the Irish economy, with a focus on GDP, unemployment, inflation and the exchange rate. We identified the historical relationship between GDP and the level of waste generated economy-wide and calculated breakdowns for both the residential and commercial construction sectors. Additional insight into wages and tariffs provided a thorough assessment of the outlook for the sector. We then explored the outlook for the sector under three Brexit scenarios as well as a global recession.

Client deliverables

We presented our analysis in a presentation-style report using both text and graphs to emphasise the key findings. We provided greater detail on the forecasts through tables and charts illustrating the differing outcomes of the key variables.  

Client results

As a result of this project, the company had an understanding of the drivers of growth of the Irish economy and, by extension, the waste management sector. The application of four separate scenarios highlighted the opportunities and risks that emerged as a result of a variety of economic conditions, enabling the company to understand potential outcomes related to their investment. 

Meet the team

  • Grant Colquhoun

    Grant Colquhoun

    Head of Consultancy

    Grant brings over 25 years’ experience of applying economic analysis in industry, public sector and consultancy to meet business and investor needs. He leads the team and specialises in delivering robust macro due diligence, strategic planning, scenario analysis and sector-focused assignments.

  • Andrew-Evans

    Andrew Evans

    Managing Economist

    Over ten years Andy has helped a wide range of clients to make evidence-based cases to influence policy and demonstrate value, as well as using robust economic analysis to deliver due diligence and strategic planning-related projects for investors and businesses.

  • Matt Caddy

    Matthew Caddy

    Head of Partnerships

    Matthew Caddy is our Head of Partnerships. He has responsibility the business development of our bespoke consultancy arm as well as our new Partnership program.

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