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Graduate Staff Profiles

  • Oliver Allen

    Oliver Allen

    Markets Economist

  • Bachelor’s degree, University and course: BSc Economics. University of Leeds
  • Master’s degree, University and course: MSc Financial Economics. Birkbeck College, University of London
  • Capital Economics Graduate Scheme, applicable dates: September 2018 to August 2020

Why did you apply to join the Capital Economics graduate scheme?

Between my second and final years of my undergraduate degree I’d spent a year with Capital Economics as a placement student. I learned a lot and found the experience of working with such a large group of knowledgeable people who really had their finger on the pulse in terms of what was happening in the world very engaging. That led me to apply to return to the company as a graduate economist.

What have you worked on while on the graduate scheme?

One of the great things about the graduate scheme is the chance to complete several rotations on very different teams. From writing about the UK economy around the time of Brexit; to helping to launch our coverage of European natural gas while on the commodities team; and covering the fallout in financial markets from the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, I learnt a great deal about how different parts of the global economy work. I find that the knowledge I gained while on those graduate scheme rotations often still helps me in my current day-to-day role on the global markets team.

What is the most rewarding or surprising aspect of your role at Capital Economics?

One thing I really like about my current role at Capital Economics – and liked about my time on the graduate scheme – is that depending on what’s topical you never know exactly what you’re going to be writing about from one week to the next. That definitely helps to keep things fresh.

How has your job changed since progressing from the graduate scheme?

Much like when I was a graduate economist on my final rotation, my day-to-day job still mostly involves writing on timely research pieces on what is happening in global markets. But since I’ve progressed from the graduate scheme I find myself writing more, taking on bigger and trickier topics, and doing more to help shape the team and company’s house views. The opportunities to keep on developing and progressing certainly don’t tail off once your time on the graduate scheme ends.