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Graduate Staff Profiles

  • Michael Pearce

    Michael Pearce

    Senior US Economist

  • Bachelor’s degree, University and course: BSc Economics, UCL
  • Master’s degree, University and course: MSc Economic History, LSE
  • Capital Economics Graduate Scheme, applicable dates: 2012-2014

Why did you apply to join the Capital Economics graduate scheme?

I did a placement at the Treasury which I really enjoyed, but it left me wanting to be more involved in doing the actual macroeconomic research that was informing policy. I was exposed to a wide range of research while at the Treasury, and Capital Economics’ notes always stood out as clear, well argued, and picked up on details others had missed. I wanted to learn from the best, so it was the obvious place to start my career. The paid masters’ degree and option to work abroad were big draws too.

What have you worked on while on the graduate scheme?

My four rotations took me through property, financial markets, the UK and finally global economics. Covering so much ground within two years can be overwhelming, but the range of skills and knowledge built was a good foundation that prepared me for a range of roles. It made it much easier to switch from working on the Global Economics service to the US team later on in my career.

What is the most rewarding or surprising aspect of your role at Capital Economics?

It never ceases to amaze me how knowledgeable my colleagues are. Our work demands that we respond quickly to events and provide a framework for thinking through the latest developments. The range of views and experiences that the large team of economists brings means that there is always someone in the company with a fresh perspective, good historical parallel or some arcane nugget of information that helps us make sense of things quicker.

How have you found working in New York?

Living and working in a different country comes with its own set of challenges, but it also widens your horizons and exposes you to an entire new world. Working in a smaller overseas office also opened the door to a lot of opportunities. I’ve presented at external events, talk frequently with the press and travel to meet clients. Living and working in the economy that I am responsible for covering brings to life the themes I am writing about in research and makes it a lot more relatable.